RockShox Shock

Here’s what you can expect from our Shock service; all shocks are cleaned before any service is performed. Once cleaning is complete they are inspected for any visible signs of wear and noted. Original damper settings are recorded as well as the Air Pressure/spring weight and then service is performed.

All components of the shock are inspected during the service and cleaned using our parts washer. Shock dampers are bled using Maxima Fade Free oils and vacuum bled where applicable and all IFP charging is done with nitrogen. Shock dampers are always tested separately to ensure the shock is functioning properly. Air shocks will receive an air can service and are re-assembled, cleaned and returned to original air pressure settings with nitrogen. Once the shock has been re-assembled it’s tested again to ensure its functioning properly and a final clean is done. Baseline settings can be applied upon request.

If your Fork/Shock is older than 5 years please drop us a note prior to sending it in. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get parts for these older items, so let’s make sure we can properly service it before it arrives.